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Grateful Dead Live at Hollywood Palladium on 1972-09-10

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Grateful Dead Live at Hollywood Palladium on 1972-09-10

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Bertha, Greatest Story Ever Told, Mississippi Half Step, Black Throated Wind, Bird Song, Promised Land, Deal, El Paso, Sugaree, Playin' In The Band, Casey Jones He's Gone-> Truckin', Ramble On Rose, Beat It On Down The Line, Black Peter, Dark Star*-> Drums-> Jack Straw*-> Sing Me Back Home*, Sugar Magnolia*, E: One More Saturday Night

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Venue Hollywood Palladium
Location Hollywood, CA

Source Soundboard
Lineage SBD> MR> Cassette> DAT> CD> EAC> CoolEdit2000> SHN


SBD> MR> Cassette> DAT> CD> EAC> CoolEdit2000> SHN; EAC, CoolEdit 2000, CDWave, MKW, & shntool by D.Winters; reportedly has flaws fixed realtive to previous versions.


Reviewer: craw - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 27, 2012
Subject: yup
Reviewer: gratefullydan - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 22, 2012
Subject: NICE SHOW!
This is another gem from 72 and I would LOVE TO DOWNLOAD IT!! Can anyone help me with this? Can't get this one anywhere it seems. Much appreciated.
Reviewer: direwolf600 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 17, 2010
Subject: Unbelievable Show, adjust the levels and the sound is fine...this is a must hear!!!
Billy by this time had, imho, reached the outer planets. His work from late 72-74 was what broke the music through. When he was really on and really into it he can completely dominate any piece or section of music. Based on hearing this bertha I expect this is one the early examples of the super Kruetz. Jerry sounds incredible on greatest story. It almost sounds like a fuze went dead, or wire spliced or something right at :57 of greatest story which affected the recording. Let's see how this plays out. Check out jerry's little diddy at 1:50. Oh my, this solo by Jer is absolutely sick, I don't think I have heard a better Greatest story solo ever wow!!!! ½ Step has a bit more life to it than other early ones. Jerry is really into this show, his little vocal alterations are all over the place. As mentioned in the other reviews this is not the cleanest recording of the year but instead of making it sound worse I feel like it gives it some thick raw flavor. A matrix feel. Thus far I love it, that could just be Jerry singing the crap out of ½ step. With Phil's voice failing, donna's voice being what it was, and one guitar short the rio grande section is pretty much skipable. Jerry makes a valiant effort at saving it during the solo. I suggest making those 50 or seconds like your bathroom break. No lines!:) Bob is a bit out of tune on B.T. Wind, but otherwise this is a particularly nice version. More vocal harmony issues on Bird Song, but it takes Jer exactly 3 seconds to make you forget this is a monster. There is a short cut at 11:30 but its so short you'll barely notice it. And right after you forget b/c the jam really takes off. I am a big fan of 72 Promised Lands, the rockiness of the song was still there pre-wall of sound. There is just alittle more pop to the recordings, I couldn't speak from 1st hand experience. Still this one cuts out a little short for me. For my money I would a post keith promised land any day of the week. Again, I like later deals more than the early ones, this deal is good but it lacks and real kick. The El Paso is jerry noise at its best. Don't like El Paso?
Jerry says: "Listen harder man"
Ah sugaree, not the best by any standard, but still nice to hear, and it is placed well in this set.

All Right! 72 Playing time.oh god donna@^#%$ Anyway, 10 seconds of that is worth the price to listen to the next 20 minutes. Bob gets into some very fun territory around the 8 minute mark which leads into a ripping section. And Mr. Phil Lesh playing lead bass guitar, unreal playing from Phil, just super sonic. WOW at 12:10, just wow, is this better than Veneta? 12:48, maybe, lets see where they are going with this. Incredible phrasing from bob right around this part, he leads Jer back to the playing theme for a second, usually the other way around. 14:16 are you kidding me? The hands of man or something cryptic?@!? Should I keep going..15:05, ::drools:: At this point I am pretty much like a dog on a leash, oo yea, lets go that way, hey whats this over here I think I will smell it, WHAT WAS THAT NOISE?, were you about to throw that stick, cuz I will run after it. If you can comprehend that, congratulations and welcome to the obsessive grateful dead fan club. Aint a sane one in the room. Perfect re-entry to the song and then oh noÂ.ah! So was it worth donna's howling. You know it! I am going to have to re-listen to this and then throw on a few other favorites from 72-74 b/c that one ranks. Casey jones cuts in late, but not too late, b/c you get to hear Jerry's sweet extra noted solo. Bob nails the harmonies on casey jones. On set break:
Bob-"We'll see ya all then so hang loose" Jerry-"aww sure"

Jerry sound beautiful on he's gone. I am not sure what bob Is up to at the 9 minute mark, but I think I like it. The first 8 or so minutes are very run of the mill for this song, but at the aforementioned 9 minute mark bob moves things in a different direction that eventually the whole band cues into and this he's gone takes its own form. Tell me the little bit Jerry plays at 13:30 isn't something crazy fingerish.

They don't segue into truckin here although the break in music in no more than a second. This truckin gets going with the gusto of primal dead. This truckin is not one of the spaced out jams that come in the following year, and its not the quite powerhouse of the year prior, its just ball busting kick ass grateful dead. Great truckin. Jerry's tone is super chunky on this ramble on. I have a harder time defining the quality of simultaneous thinness and thickness Jerry played with. I know how electronically it was produced, but giving it words??? Check out this BIODTL intro. Reminiscent of another favorite band's sense of humor within the music. Jerry's guitar work on this BIODTL is sublime and thoughtful. One of the better versions I can recall hearing. This black peter is a real treat. The best part is you know its only a matter of time before they pull out something reeeeal big. Judging by the avenues explored during playing one should expect them to be focusing on the cosmos. But first, this black peter nearly brought me to tears, so powerful. Knowing how the saga of Garcia and the Dead played out makes songs like Black Peter overwhelmingly moving, tender, and poignant.

Dark Star starts off innocently enough. Very flowy, "trippy" if you will. Right around the 10 minute mark this Dark Star really moves out of the meandering jam into its own unique spirit. Phil is playing some extremely interesting fills. He and Bob and giving Jerry a huge space to search through while keeping the flow intensely tight and focused. What is the little riff going on at 12:30? Anyone? Phil introduces a new theme in the 13th minute right after a few seconds that sounded like they were taken right out of 11/11/73 DS. Phil's new theme is actually him and billy running wild. One hell of a solo, just incredible. Listen to the change at 15:12 and the band when they fall into place. Another shift is made around minute 17, it is keeping in the same focus as the last 5 minutes but it showing signs of increased intensity. The re-entry at 18:52 is incredible, where it came from, how did they signal it, did they even need to? Even while in deep space in the early/mid 20 minute section phil or billy, or keith, or some combination keeps the rumblings alive, hopefully insinuating a return to some serious intensity before all is said and done. It's minute 26 and Keith is leading the charge from beneath the madness. Minute 27 features Bob forcing the issue, 27:20 features Phil bombs. 28:20 starts the lead in to the last theme. Bob is playing out of his mind at this point. The jam winds down to a little billy time. Back into a fluttering tranquil jam punctuated when all of a sudden Jack Straw. I mean it just sort of happens. Magnificent! Reminds me of another Dark Star floating seamlessly into El Paso.

As much as early J. Straws are nice this song didn't reach its potential for another 15 years. Plus this one cuts out. Sing me Back home is awesome.
In regards to the sound quality issues mentioned. I did some equalizer adjusting to this board and it sounds beautiful. As it stands it's a 3, but you can make it a 4-4.5 with some trial and error.
Sound 3/5
Show 9/10
Reviewer: clementinescaboose - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 28, 2009
Subject: september love
gotta dig these september '72 shows; all that i've heard so far are really nice. a great dark star with a cool phil solo (but i don't really hear crosby on this one, is he or weir buried in the mix or is he sitting in for bobby?). this could be one of my favorite stars of '72 right here; there are moments of blazing and flowing intesity i've only heard in a few other versions. overall this one has a nice, jazzy feel though, never gets too tweeked out. the other obvious highlight for me would be a beautiful bird song, with just breathtaking passages from garcia. bests 10/18's unique version for sure and maybe even 9/27 (dick's picks vol. 11), but not quite 8/27/72 which is just about the best goddamn one they ever did.
Reviewer: Shawn Michael Bass Player - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 27, 2008
Subject: I was born in LA on the day of this show.
Thanks for the show, I've was always hoping to hear the 'dead show' from the day of my birth.
Reviewer: Chris U. - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 22, 2007
Subject: Bird Song
I agree with a few other reviewers: the Greatest Story is very nice.

This is a nice show.

But the Bird Song, at least the section comprising the reprise of the vocals and the jam which follows, is really special. Check it out (the whole thing is sweeeeeet).

The Promised Land which is follows is a big what the fxk bringdown. The beauty of the internets: skip right to the Deal. Listen to Keith after the first instrumental break!!!! One of the best Garcia/Hunter compositions .... every version is welcome, even the tragically short version heard here.

This is a board but you can still hear some of the acoustics that make the Palladium "special" between tracks and whenever the audience bleeds into the mics (the end of the Deal and the entire El Paso convey some of the leftover energy from the '71 show but sadly no Pig here ............

Last but not least: both Jerry's and Bobby's geetars have some juicy phasing on Sing Me Back Home, all overshadowed by Garcia's devastating vocals ...
Reviewer: pokoj - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 21, 2007
Subject: Question
How can I download these streaming shows as mp3s? I would like this one, and the August 25, 1972 Berkeley Community Theater show. Anyone know how?
Reviewer: Street Pig - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 21, 2006
Subject: Sizzle Sizzle
Numeorus standouts here , Bird Song, Playin and of course a gooey Star, extended Birdsong adds to the impressive first set, the recording is a clean Board!
Reviewer: capn doubledose - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 19, 2006
Hot Playin and one of the longest Bird Songs ever here... Ramble on Rose, great Truckin (will listen to that again now and a 45 min Dark Star - this has Bobby doing some cool harmonics at 22:00 or so which is the one and only time I have ever heard this, it is a monster and really good. They start heading into Other One right before Jack Straw almost identical to the jam folling Truckin and right before what should be Other One on Europe '72...Listen you will see. I have twice to this whole show...

Listen to the Black Peter no one likes that but I do and regularly wail there here and this is about the best I have ever heard.
Reviewer: markgugs - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 23, 2005
Subject: Don't overlook this show!!!
As the title states, this show is CRIMINALLY underappreciated!

Yes, 1972 has a bazillion gems, but really, this is such a strong show it'd be a shame for you to not get it! "Playin'" is lengthy and mysterious, "Sugaree" and "Half-Step" are fun and slowly bouncy, "He's Gone > Truckin'" is OUT-F*CKING-STANDING, Jerry is just massive, and "Dark Star" is well, "Dark Star."

Add crisp yet warm early '70s SBD quality, and you have a must-own show.

Show: A+
Sound: A
Reviewer: Muddy69 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 28, 2005
Subject: Overlooked show
I agree with the Dr , this is an excellent show.
The dark star goes some nice places , very rythmic and haunting. I like it. Jack Straw is tremendous,and the sing me closer is beautiful. The recording is acceptable but not outstanding. However don't let that have you miss this outstanding performance. Five stars for show and 3 and a half for sound.

Reviewer: dr. flashback - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 8, 2005
Subject: Don't Miss This!
Listen, you need ALL the September 1972 shows. Trust me on this one. Go out and buy some more blank CD's now! Hard to believe the Dead could play an epic show on 8/27, and then a week later come back to CA and deliver two more great shows in a row in Hollywood.
The July shows were a bit uneven, with the band adjusting, musically and psychically to the loss of Pigpen. But by the fall they had regained their energy and spirit, and this show is a good example.
Okay, so it's not 5/11 or 5/26. And the SBD is maybe B+ quality, not quite as crisp. But there are many highlights that make this a welcome addition to your 72 stacks. As Jerry says after El Paso - "listen harder, man".
Set One is solid, if not particularly exceptional. My picks are a long and inspired Bird Song that blows through your mind like a warm summer day. Also a jaunty, slippery Half Step and a laid back Sugaree that fits the groove better than the sped-up versions later in 1977.
Listening to the Playin right now. After the short verse intro, at 3:00 they jump right into a deep mysterious mode, with Garcia painting blue and violet colors with the wah. The middle section features Bill, Bobby and Phil turning the Playin riff inside-out while Jerry does Coltrane-like soloing. A soulful, mellow version that's sure to please.
Set Two looks a lot like a Europe song list, with the welcome addition of Black Peter and a rare seque from Dark Star into Jack Straw. They kick it right off with the now familiar He's Gone>Truckin combo. Jerry takes his time, sailing high on long notes that slip up and down your spine like warm honey. At 14 minutes, needless to say they squeeze every bit of soul they can out of it, with a long gospel-like middle section on the refrain. Listen to Jerry's tone at the end - this is why guitarists love tube amps!! Bobby remembers the words to Truckin, then it's Jerry unleashed for the rest of the tune where he channels the spirit of Robert Johnson! Ramble On is slinky and greasy, the way it's meant to be, and the Black Peter soulful.
And the Dark Star? It's 1972, and it's 32 minutes long - need I say more? A version, I dare say, that can stand up to Europe or even 8/27. David Crosby's 12 string adds to the texture. Mystical, magical and cosmic, everything you want in a Dark Star. Turn down the lights and light some incense for this one. The early jam is reminiscent of Crosby's 1971 solo album which Jerry played on. Then halfway through it's Phil in the spotlight, before the band reenters and finally brings in the verse after 19 minutes followed by an atonal
Twilight Zone jam that evolves into a fast be-bop rhythym where Garcia just burns it up! How fast CAN he play?
The fine Jack Straw that follows is icing on the
cake. A satisfying 72 show, and recommended for
Dark Star fans!
Dr. Flashback ;-)
Reviewer: StrawRider - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 6, 2004
Subject: Older Brother Witnessed This
I downloaded this for my brother as a favor (since he was the first to turn me on to the Dead) and I'm glad I did! This is a very good show, perhaps not making anyone's Top Ten List but it's worth checking out. David Crosby makes a guest appearance during the Dark Star segment all the way to the end of set 2, btw. The sound is acceptable and there are not too many cuts (Bertha intro is lost apparently) and the patches (if there are any, I can't remember) are seamless. Stream it and check it out. The setlist is typical for 72 with standouts being yet another killer version of Playin', s sweet Birdsong, a solid Dark Star which blends nicely into Jack Straw!
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